This picture is the front of the new 2015 Black’s Cliff Calendar.  I had to do it a little differently this year.  For some reason my computer and Walgreens did not communicate well.  After spending 6 months with customer service calls and reloads and frustration I gave up.  This year I am using MixBook.  I can share the calendar with you and you can order it if you would like and you can edit in your own pics.  Only thing is you have to register with the site to do it.  If you would like an invite email me at and I will make you a contributor to your own calendar.  Until midnight today (Wednesday) they are 50 percent off



The guys have been busy filling up the wood shed.  Steve was up to something with the truck….  I waited around to see



While Steve was doing something… Jake was helping to fill the shed with split wood.  Home from college and stretching his muscles after doing too much studying the last few weeks



An empty wall in the shed does not stay empty for long.  We go through over 12 piles of wood a year just in inside fireplace wood, that is not counting the firepit wood



You can stop taking pictures of me anytime mom



Ah here comes Steve moving over a big log to split wood on.  Oh the things they come up with to use the plow for