It is the season of giving and I thought a good time to remind everyone that we collect pop tabs for the Ronald Mc Donald House.  Nora and her sister Marin (sorry marin I know I spelled it wrong) come every July and I give them the pop tabs to give to their Ronald Mc Donald House.  The girls both volunteer there and have been collecting tabs for a few years.  If you have tabs and do not know what to do with them bring them up to the resort on your next trip and I will get them to the girls in July.



I have already had a few people drop them.  This batch was from Barb Moore this weekend.  The girls say thanks Barb!

On a side note about the Ronald McDonald House, we never knew what a wonderful organization it was til last month when they helped our family out.  One of our kids had to stay in the hospital for a week with a lung operation, and Troy and I are in debt to the wonderful way we were treated by the Ronald McDonald House in Marshfield.  When you have a kid who is sick and has to stay over in a town far away from your own home they are a savior.  We saw first hand families that were staying far longer than we were.  They were given wonderful meals that were not hospital food , and a home that was not sleeping in a hospital room.  No questions are asked everyone is welcome that needs a spot.  We will forever have a special place in our hearts for the Ronald Mcdonald House and will be collecting pop tabs for them.  Thank you Ronald McDonald Houses everywhere!



This was the thank you note that Nora left for me after her vacation.  Great job Nora helping out Ronald McDonald



On a happy note  we are back to the swim pool with Grant and Ben on the Boys Lakeland Swim Team.  Ben will not be able to swim til New Years when he gets medical release to swim again after his lung problems a month ago.  Grant in the meantime is tearing up the pool making his brother want to jump in the pool regardless of what his lung has to say about it



Back at the resort, Troy and Steve got most of the pine firepit wood split this week for next summer



We were starting to run out of kindling and Troy headed to the woods to gather some branches for a new kindling pile.  We need Craig to come back from Arizona and start a remodeling project to create more kindling