Happy birthday Mack!  He turns 5 today and looks so excited about it.

Now on to the conditions



We had been gone over the weekend and came back to a different world at the resort.  Our wonderful snow has had a toll taken on it by the warmer temps.  The lake top has melted away.  There is good and bad in this…  I look at the possibility of some amazing ice skating at Christmas as soon as the cooler temps come in and freeze the top back up.  Skating all over the lake with no snow is a magical thing to do.  We only have conditions to do it every once and awhile and this could be one of those times





Thick foggy lake



The bees nest that terrorized many folks kayaking the shoreline this summer hidden in the leaves is very easy to see now.  I still am not going out on the ice to knock it down til everything freezes back up



Bayview and Wildflower Monday morning.  I sure hope we can eek out a couple of inches of snow late today and tomorrow



A couple of inches of snow is definitely what we need.  However in the northwoods we still find things to do, snow or now snow


Snow or no snow the Zip Line in Minocqua will be open all winter.  We did it in June and I would like to head out and give it a try in the winter as well.  The neatest part is when the zip goes out over a lake.  I am not someone that likes heights or being dropped.  Our Zip Line in Minocqua is very safe and gradual.  Even this mom enjoyed it and had fun.  Now to try it in the winter!  Zipping through the tree tops with snow in the pines



I am thinking this would be an amazing New Years Eve thing to do early in the day.  The view off the platforms is a great way to ring in the New Year