Very happy to report after rain yesterday we got snow!  So far we got a fresh inch and a half or so.  We are supposed to pick up another inch or 2 beyond that through tomorrow.  It looks a lot more like Christmas around here



Birchwood in the fresh snow



I took this same picture yesterday in the fog.  There is still a little slush along the edges but that should firm up as the temps sink today and through the week



Mack 5 years and a day.  Wondering when he will put a paw out onto the lake.  He is much happier wading around the edges than testing out the safety of the ice.





I took this picture as well yesterday.  Hopefully soon we will not be able to see the steps



Looking a lot more like Christmas around the resort.  We still have a couple of openings for Christmas and then cabins opening up again on the 27th.  Give a call for details if you want to escape to the snow covered woods for Christmas