The birdhouse snow report.  It snowed all day yesterday off and on.  It is supposed to flurry a bit today as well.  Next week looks great for snow lovers.  Check out for his snow report.  I think it is going to be a great Christmas to New Years for playing in the snow.  Winter Park ski area made it through the warm up with their base intact and this new snow is the icing on the cake to keeping them open.  Next week it should just get better and better.  It is a bit thin for snowmobiling yet.  I will take a pic of the Bearskin for tomorrow’s entry.  They packed the base before the rain and I think it held as well.  Now to get more of a base on those trails with next weeks snow



When it was warmer Troy and I got the office decorated up.  17 trees now have lights on through the whole resort as well



Where is Charlie Brown and the gang looking for a tree for Christmas.  Reservations for Christmas to New Years have been steady.  Give a call before things fill up if interested.  The more it snows the more our phone rings.

Off to get 700 rolls of toilet paper for the winter season that we special ordered.  Nothing like a toilet paper sale to make a resort owners day!