It was a cold snowy New Year.  We kept having guests arriving who were amazed at the amount of snow we have.  No one has wanted to return home to brown ground and green grass.  We are very thankful to have such nice snow to play in.  More is on the way this weekend.  All trails I have heard are in great shape

IMG_6246 IMG_6245


Lots of families have been having fun in the community room like the Mattson family playing games with the kids after being in the snow all day



Tetherball with a snowman audience.  Never too cold for a game of tetherball



Troy continuing to keep the walks clear as the snow falls



We spent the last few afternoons writing out the 200 confirmation letters for Summer 2015.  They will be in the mail on Friday with deposits due January 20th. Please try to get yours in by the 20th, our property taxes are due January 31st and summer deposits are what pays the bill.  If you need extra time to get them in please contact Jenny so she knows it will be late.  Thanks, it saves lots of phone calls and emails and makes the tax collector happy.



The sock maker keeps cranking next to the woodstove during down time.  I just made my first scarf and pair of full mittens on the machine.  Stay tuned and I will send pics of the new items in the next few days.  Katie got the first pair of mittens and Bella the first scarf for Christmas



Very Happy New Year from the Cliff