Lets just say it was cold this morning.  We did have school though which was an improvement from yesterday.  Christmas vacation got extended one day with minus 40 wind chills.  We are expecting more of the same tomorrow morning before it starts to warm up towards the weekend.  Only casualty of the cold so far is two broken door handles on my van and car from trying to get the frozen doors open in the morning



With the cold we got all the summer confirmation letters in the mail.   Returning summer guests got their letters in the mail this week.  Deposits are due January 20th.  Property taxes are due January 31st so you can see why it is important to get your deposits in on time and they are appreciated!  Keep in mind summer weeks moved forward 6 days this year due to the calendar adjustment.  Rich Snodgrass in Springfield is doing cartwheels with this announcement



In the cold the sock maker has been spinning in the afternoons.  All sorts of things coming off the machine



I made my first scarf and added for sale into the Looney Bin Gift Shop.  I will have a few scarfs in the shop.  If you see a sock color that you want made into a scarf just ask.  I am contemplating how to make an infinity scarf on the machine as well.  I made my first pair of mittens as well on the machine but they were stolen by Katie at Christmas.  More mittens will be coming adding into to the fingerless gloves



Cold did get me to dig out my favorite lake skates.  I love these skates and was not able to use them last year.  They are a blade with a ski boot binding that clips into ski boots.  They take ice skating to a new level.  Comfortable and warm!  When playing ice hockey they also make great defense with the longer blades



Here they are in action.  Love these skates!



A rematch of the boot hockey game from Christmas Eve was played with skates.  Several went down in agony from being checked from behind but a lot of fun was had on Lower Kaubashine.  Ask Katie about the bucket in the middle of the rink sometime when you see her this summer



Another box of yarn arrived yesterday so back to making a few things and recovering from the ice hockey game



Mack agrees