I get lots of questions on trail conditions.  Here is the Bearskin trail this morning.  I had not stopped for a pic in the last week as my car windows are frozen up. I finally have quit waiting for them to unthaw and just stopped and stepped out of the car for the picture.  Snow is coming down again as I type about 3 inches this afternoon and temps look to be improving


The amount on top of the pile is probably a good average for what is out in the woods


Our wood pile slowly being buried in snow


Winter wood supply slowly going down


Troy is hard at work getting some kindling chopped.  We are running low this winter



Steve bought a truck load of kindling from a sawmill.  Hopefully enough for winter



The sock maker has been busy.  I just shipped out these 8 socks to a guest.  She brought me 8 skeins of sock yarn she wanted made up into socks.  For 10 dollars I will run sock yarn you bring to me through the machine and make a pair.  If you have a pile of sock yarn collecting dust that you thought you would make into socks but never did, bring it along on your next trip to the resort.  Marilyn who brought me this batch of yarn is spending the next year looking for more sock yarn at stores she wants me to make up for her



This is my latest favorite sock yarn.  It is a Super Wash Wool which means it can be gently washed in the washer and lightly dried in the drier for those who do not like hand washing their socks in the sink.  I love the colors they are better in person.  It would also make a great scarf or pair of gloves