It is cold outside and I have not been taking pictures because…. it is cold outside.  Time to think about summer and the warm up this weekend to the 30’s which will feel like a heat wave.  Not long from now summer will be here and the question of how many people can get on the raft will once again be the challenge

Instead I have been getting the mail everyday as the summer deposits have started to come in.  While going through the mail I have had a lot of nice notes included

From a newbie coming Memorial Day Weekend

“We are so excited to come.  Can’t wait for May”  The Jacque family

“We’re looking forward to our favorite week of the the year”  The McLinden Faimily

“Enjoying your winter pics on the blog.  Now we’re in the deep freeze of a couple of inches of snow.  Nice to be thinking about our week on Lower Kaubashine Lake!”  Nancy, Sharon and Red Rudi Raye (the four legged family member)


Horse Shoe Tournament 2015 is not far away at Hilltop


It will not be long til Paul is on the pontoon boat enjoying a beer and “Doing Something We Call Clowning Around”

“Gotta keep up with the ‘Sweet’ tradition, so here is my deposit”  Judy Sweet


Time spent on the dock rocking in green chairs and adjusting the angle of the chair for the best sun tanning


Or relaxing on the blue dock in the newer fold out chairs.  Either dock, either week… conversation is the same, followed by wine, a treat someone brings from their cabin and a splash or two in the water



Fishing for crappies!

“Love your blogs and facebook stuff!  It just makes us more anxious to be up there with you guys”  The Nolan Family

“Some of our favorite pictures from our fun week there last summer were of Meghan and Molly on your new deck.  See you in July.”  The Riley Family



Then there is always a letter like this

Dear Jenny and Troy

A happy New Year to you!  We received your information today and it reminded me that for all the times I have thought of writing you…  I have not.  Sorry I am so late in telling you that we will not be staying at Black’s Cliff this coming summer.

Wow- that was hard for me.  You and the resort have become a big part of our family  Your resort has been where we have gone to forget about work and focus on family and fun.

Thank you so much for all the years of generously sharing your beautiful resort with us.  I have not wanted to let that part of our lives go… and yet it is for a great reason

We closed on our own cabin on Lower Kaubashine on Labor Day Weekend.  Chris and I have been up with the dogs a few weekends and my sisters and I enjoyed a quilters weekend and finally both boys and our new daughter-in law Leah and all their dogs made it up after Christmas

It is a great size for our once again growing family.  I believe it well be our new spot of many wonderful family get togethers.  Of course we couldn’t beat the lake it is on.  Chris and I were very nervous but seeing our boys and their friends and family having fun makes us very happy we took the plunge… Still we will miss Black’s Cliff.

Thanks once again for all the beautiful memories.  Hoping to see you as your new neighbors

The Jurss Family