It was a beautiful weekend for skiing.  When temps get in the upper 20’s to low 30’s even Troy and I get the itch to ski.  We headed over to McNaughton trail 15 min from the resort to do the blue trail.  We have skied this and biked it.  One of the most harrowing days of skiing I have ever had years ago was on the red loop with Steve at -10 degrees.  I never thought I would see the parking lot again.  Troy and I took I much easier path on the blue trail a reasonable 4 miles



Little Hawk lake along the trail



Down the trail we went





This is the last picture you get as we did well skiing but were too tired to take more pics



Everyone at the resort had the same ideas on skiing this weekend.  Skis were everywhere





All the cars had ski racks on them.  Many of these groups have been skiing Martin Luther King weekend with us for 20 years.



Then there is Muskie Inn…..  why is there a pink flamingo in front of Muskie Inn?



This group is not saying why there is a pink flamingo you would have to be here to find out why