Winter has settled in.  Nobody else in the midwest has snow I am hearing except for Northern Wisconsin and Northern Minnesota.  We have snow and trails are in good shape.  This is the beginning of our snow shoe trail across from the resort.  Trail is beat down for guests.  We could use snow to make it more of a challenge to snow shoe but we are not complaining.  Enjoying the snow


In one day we had a couple of changes.  Jake broke his old phone at college.  Needing a new one I sent him my Iphone5 and upgraded to a 6.  Katie had been telling me at  Christmas how nice the camera was and she was right.  All pictures here were taken with the Iphone6



I do like how sharp the colors are with the new camera



Definitely catches color.  Can’t wait to play with it more.  But then…..



A package arrived in the mail I ordered last week.



I ordered a new red racing sock machine from the Erlbacher Gearhart sock machine company in Missouri.  ABC news really needs to do a made in the USA story on this company.  They bought the patent on my old Gearhart sock machine from the 20’s a few years ago and are reproducing sock machines in Missouri.  All American made.  I got a new machine for a couple of reasons.  First of all the gear on the side of the machine is bigger and my arm does not have to go around as much.  Second this machine has a ribber that my machine was missing.  It will produce even better socks in the leg or cuff portion of the sock.



Play with the Iphone or the sock maker… such tough decisions….  I love that it is race car red.  I fit it on my old 20’s stand.  I am going to look for a 2nd stand so I can have both machines on their own stand.  My old machine from the 20’s will still be making socks.  I might leave it out in the gift shop more so folks can see the old one works.



New things to keep us from hibernating all winter like these guys seem to want to do