It was a beautiful 30 degree morning at the lake today.  Nice temps to get down and enjoy a walk on the lake



Or a little boot hockey



Following the trail of others is usually my rule of thumb about walking on the lake



Stretching the legs….. walking along… looking up at Shamrock and Kaubashine…



Hmm… trail is getting a little slushy with warm temps but it is fine…



Just do not step off the packed trail!  Yep I have 2 wet feet and learned my lesson yet again, do not leave the packed trail



Tail continues but my feet are wet time to go back up to the house and dry off



Quick restaurant recommendation.  Had lunch this week at PJ’s Burger Barn in Woodruff.  They have 50 different burgers on the menu.  My favorite is the blue cheese burger.  I would have taken a pic of it and the homemade potato chips…. but I was hungry and forgot as soon as it was placed in front of me



They also have nice views of Brandy Lake.  Stop in at PJ’s for an out of the way spot to have a great burger