I would love to report all sorts of exciting things going on in the Northwoods…. but not much going on.  Guys helped get cabins cleaned this week.  No exciting tree cutting mishaps, no remodeling going on… no roof shoveling with someone jumping off the roof.  Best I could come up with this morning is getting Mack to cooperate on top of a snowbank



Birdbath snow report.  I would say this is pretty accurate as to how deep the snow is at the moment.  It is slowly building up.  It would be nice to get a few inches more of fresh snow but we have enough to play in for now

This weekend we still have cabins open.  I have Wildflower at 155/night Fri and Sat and 125/night mid week.  Kaubashine is going on special for up to 4 people 170/night Fri and Sat and 140/night mid week.  We also have Wigwam and Norway 3bdrs, Holiday and Red Pine 4bdrs open.