Warm temps got the guys out cutting wood.  It was in the upper 20’s and lower 30’s which is perfect wood cutting weather



They got started on next summer’s wood.  the wood supply is slowly building back up on the left side of the shed



The right side of the shed has been slowly depleted.  There seems to be a wood squirrel that has attacked the piles from the middle….  Anyone who burns wood for heat can look at these piles and know what happened.  Steve was saying nothing….



Troy also completed a project for me.  When I bought my 2nd sock machine it did not come with a 2nd stand.  I left the old 20’s stand with the new machine and needed a 2nd stand for my old machine.  We confiscated an old kitchen stool and made some modifications



Here is the 1914 sock machine on its new stand.



The old machine will be in semi retirement coming out for demos at shows and will be in the office so folks can see what makes the socks and gloves that are for sale.  The only real difference between the 2 machines is 100 years of wear and the size of the crank handle.  The crank on my new red machine is twice as big, thus my arms does not have to go around as many times


Our new recommended game, Settlers of America.  It is a version of Settlers of Catan.  Kept 2 teenagers and 2 parents entertained this weekend.  It is at Imaginuity toy store in downtown Minocqua.