Cold temps have kept out snow in good shape.  All trails in the area are reporting good conditions.  Some fresh snow would easily bump them to excellent conditions if Mother Nature would cooperate



Cold temps have the guys working on a few indoor/outdoor projects



Steve is working on getting a new/old bathroom door up in the office.  Those who stayed in the old Norway Pines will remember this door as the front door to the cabin.  We were very happy to take it out of storage and find a new use for it



First it needed a good cleaning.  Steve of course had a secret mixture.  Apple cider vinegar, linseed oil and mineral spirits.  I have one thing to say about that mixture…. it stinks.  I hope it works better than it smells.  Also hoping the smell leaves the office area before the weekend


New/old door hanging in place.  Now to get the lock to work so nobody gets walked in on in the bathroom


Mack is terribly excited about this development.  Getting this dog to leave the woodstove lately has been a challenge.  Unless he smells bacon cooking from the cabins he does not move much.  He is in definite winter hibernation