Perfect for Valentines if you are tired of giving candy and flowers, how about socks.  I can ship a pair for 3 dollars and anything over that for usually 5 dollars for what will fit in a priority bag at the post office.

Above picture is my shoe size 6 – 7 no wools.  The bright pink pair and the pair to the left are 100 % acrylic.  The other 3 are acrylic/bamboo blends very soft.  All 18 dollars a pair



SHow size 7 – 8 acrylic and acrylic bamboo blends all 18 dollars a pair



Show size 9 – 10 acrylic and acrylic bamboo blends

All of the socks in the above pictures can be washed regular and dried although I recommend hang drying them to get them to last the longest



Shoe Size 6 – 7 all 18 dollars.  2 on the far left and super wash wool 75% and 25% nylon 22/pair.  Top 4 together are 50% super wash wool 25% bamboo and 25% nylon18/pair.  Bottom 4 are 75% wools 18/pair

Washing with these and the next 2 pictures are gentle cold or by hand hang to dry although if thrown in the drier have done ok with the super wash wools



Far left is the same as the last picture shoe size 7 – 8.  75% super wash wool with 25% nylon on the far left 22/pair.  Top row 50% super wash wool, 25% barmboo and 25% nuylon 18/pair.  Bottom 2 are 18/pair 75% wool 25% nylon 18/pair



Shoe size 9 – 10 same as last two pictures.  Far Left is 75% super wash wool 25/nylon.  Top row is the wool bamboo blends



These are show size 6 – 7  They are my heavier socks with more expensive yarns.  They are 75% wools and 25% nylon all are 27/pair

Washing these socks is gentle cold or by hand and hang to dry



Show size 7 -8.  Same wool content and price as above picture.  Except for the bright green yarn 3rd from the left and the first one on the left side they are 32/pair due to yarn price.


Shoe size 9 -= 10 same wool content as last two pictures.  All are 27/pair except for the bright green in the middle and the blue stripped sock 3rd from the left.  They are 32 due to yarn price



Shoe size 10 to 11 all 27/pair



Show size 11 – 12  All are 27/pair


Shoe Size 12 – 13 these are a little different they are 20/pair.  The one on the right is a wool/bamboo blend and the one on the left is a 75% wool, 25% nylon super wash.  These yarns are a little cheaper and are priced different than the other larger pairs.  I have more of the yarn on the right if you need it in a different size



Fingerless gloves size medium  Various yarn types.  All 25/pair



Large Fingerless gloves 25/pair

I have small gloves and forgot to get a pic of them and my Green Bay Packer socks and gloves as well.  Just ask for pics if interested

If you see something in a different size than you want just ask if I have the yarn I can make them up and ship them out

Email or call 715 356 3018 if interested