Big flakes came down blanketing the resort in a fresh layer of snow.  Cold is to follow.  It got us to go to town and do some shopping



At one of the antique stores I found this nice pair of green oars.  I am always looking for fresh oars to add into out large supply of oars.  Oars last for years if treated properly and we have some that have been around for 50 years still being used.  I thought about picking up this nice pair of oars… until I saw the price…. 138 dollars.  I did a double take, started to count up all the old oars we have in storage and are using on boats and decided I am in the wrong business if these oars sell for 138.  What would my grandfather say if he knew his oars were 138 dollars…

resort 48081


Highway robbery that is what he would say..  As he grabbed the entire collection and went to town to sell them.

He thought they were expensive in 1960 at 5 dollars a pair and they were not even painted and it was highway robbery

resort 48093


Yep he would be off to town trying to find the fools that would pay him 138 dollars for a pair of oars.  He might even thrown in a fresh coat of paint on them… he might


He would be very happy to see his grandson and Troy using crooked boards out of storage on a project in the basement.  We might even straighten a few nails and reuse them just for fun on this project

resort 48071


Maynard would say “yep I taught them right,  nobody in my family is paying 138 for a pair of oars, we will cut down a tree and make our own before spending 138 on a pair of oars”

resort 48080


Hey your guys better be careful with those oars they have to last til 2015 when my great grandkids can sell them to pay for college

resort 48113


I declare that nobody, nobody in my family now or in the future pay 138 for a pair of oars! or my ghost will haunt them causing the oars to forever pull to the left or mystery leaks to suddenly appear in boats