Cold sunrise at minus 20 and a minus 30 wind chill but we still had school.  Just had to remind teens that you let a car warm up before taking off in this cold.



Mack is set for the cold.  Always cracks me up how thick of fur he grows about this time of the winter.  His paws look like something a sled dog would be proud of



I don’t have as much hair between my toes and prefer to stay inside during this cold weather with 2 woodstoves in the house burning.  Time to get the sock maker cleaned.  Taking it apart and getting all the old oil cleaned off and re greased.  Just hoping to get it all back together and working the way it was before I took it apart.  Should be good to go for another 6 months.



Burr…  Looks pretty and is a great time to enjoy a warm fireplace.  It is supposed to be warmer today with less wind.  I am holding out til Saturday when we have a heat wave going up to 20 degrees.

One cabin left for this weekend if you would like to come up and enjoy a fireplace and this view.