It was a beautiful weekend in the woods with fresh snow.  Saturday warmed up enough to enjoy the outside



Even Mack pried himself away from the woodstove to head to the lake



Troy headed to the lake for I think his final time snowblowing the rink off.  After this we might let it go to nature



Mack agrees



The day we roll the boats in the water and drag the raft out is getting closer and closer



With snowflakes in the air, today is not the day



A big congrats to Jake and all the other Birkie skiers who trained for the race at the resort this winter.  Saturday was a picture perfect day for the 55km race in Hayward.  Jake made it all 55 k and is talking about next year.  Congrats to all who did the race



Winter is getting a little long and this weekend I made some neat socks out of scrapes on the sock maker.  This pair was made from all the green scrapes I had size 7 – 8



Later in the day the blue scrap sock size 9 – 10.  Tomorrow the scrapes sock made from all of the wildest yarns I can find.  Stay tuned to see that one

Scrap socks are some of the quickest to go.  I make a few here and there during the year.  If you are interested in a pair ask to see my scrap bag and pick out the wild colors to go into a sock



Time to feed the chickadees and get through the last of the cold winter