It is the beginning of March and time for Cliff to come out of the closet and head to the lake for Ice Out 2015.  You could almost hear his thoughts looking out at the lake sitting in his chair.



After 2 very late ice outs the last couple of years, Cliff is ready for a shorter sit this year



Down to the lake he goes.  Taking up his post, awaiting his icy plunge into Lower Kaubashine



Ok you all know the rules.  Send 5 dollars with your guess as to the date Cliff will plunge into Lower Kaubashine to ICE OUT Black’s Cliff Resort PO Box 125  Hazelhurst WI 54531.  1/2 of the money will go into a pot for the Northwoods Wildlife Hospital, 1/2 goes in the winners pot for the person or persons who pick the correct day he plunges into Lower Kaubashine

If Cliff takes the plunge after the sun goes down, he gets credited to the following day.  Troy and Jenny are not staying up til Midnight with a flashlight watching him.  No more than 2 people may guess the same day.  If the day is full of guessers I will contact you to pick a different day.  Your guesses must be in my mail box by March 15th to count.  You may also contact me through email with  your guess and then send the money by snail mail by the 15th

Let the fun begin and bring on spring!