Who needs the NCAA March Madness picks when the only real pick that matters is picking the day Cliff will plunge into Lower Kaubashine for ice out.  Here is our list of entries this year

March 19  Acelyn Zierke

March 25th Briza Bryden

March 26th Craig Novak

March 28th Conner Novak

April 1st Baeah Bryden

April 4th Jen Bryden

April 5th Cathy Brown

April 7th Lindsey Scheid

April 9th Jimmy Cikowski

April 11 Linda Scheid

April 13th Steph Novak

April 14th Fritz

April 15th Ruth Grady

April 16th Bob Moore

April 19th Kim Flower

April 20th Danika Thompson

April 21 Barb Moore

April 22nd Carmella Grady (our one lone dog entry and one of these years she is going to win it)

April 23rd Mike Grady and LInda Wrobel

April 24th Linda Hoadley

April 25th Will Flower

April 26th Suzi Thompson

April 27th Kim Flower

April 28th Al and Roberta Cikowski (single entry)

April 29th Tommy Cikowski and Karen Thompson

April 30th Rob Moore

May 1st  Johnny Thompson

May 2nd Mike Thompson

MAy 3rd Jerry Flower

May 4th The Salatino Family

May 5th John Thompson Sr.

May 16th Kathy Walsh

Whew….. I think I got them all.  We have 35 entries and the pot will be 87.50 this year to the winner or winners.  The Wildlife hospital will get 87.50 plus an extra 50 dollars one of the families donated extra to the Northwoods Wildlife Hosptial

Can’t wait to see who wins!



There is a lot of ice between Cliff and the shore for now



Spring has definitely sprung on Lower Kaubashine, let the melting begin!