First for anyone who just needs a pic of the hillside this morning.  Snow is just about gone and cold wind off the lake



For anyone who just wants to know what the guys are up to, Steve was wandering around wondering what to do today.  He walked in the basement and came out with 3 projects and I believe was headed to Shamrock

Now what was I up to besides cleaning cabins and making socks…



Collecting sap in the woods.  I had to collect sap-cicles from the maple tree taps this morning.  It was frozen and had to be coaxed from the bags



Here is the batch I have been working on.  It is boiling down to the pretty amber color of sap getting thicker and thicker.  I usually only make one batch of syrup.  I keep adding to it every day from what comes off the trees.  I have no idea how many gallons I have added to this years batch so far.  I just keep boiling it off



Adding the 2 batches together and ready to boil for the day.  I will collect again this afternoon and add more in to cook slowly tonight.  The brush on the side made it in the picture.  It is for a hairy shedding golden retriever I know



Enough sap to start cooking for the day.  It will slowly boil down til I add more this afternoon.  Most maple syrup people will tell you not to do what we do boiling the sap in the house.  We have done it this way for a few years without any problems.  They say you can take your wallpaper off the walls from the humidity it creates and the sugar residue in the steam gets on the walls.  Our house is so old, drafty, dry and has wood walls.  Just makes sense to put it on the woodstove and heat the house at the same time you boil the syrup.  We just slowly boil down this batch for about a month adding sap.  No hurry.  We have lots of fridges not being used this time of year and keep the unboiled sap there if the trees get ahead of our boiling.  So far it has been a slow and steady year and I have kept up with the cooking with each days sap.  Someday I hope to have an outside cooker and a small shack, called a sugar shack.  Til then we will continue to break the cooking rules and just do it in the house.

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