Snow returned again to Lower Kaubashine.  I took these pictures Monday morning where the road meets the lake.  Enjoy.  I believe this will be a calendar picture next year







Atleast the snow that came was pretty



The maple trees where going a bit overboard with all these up and down temps.  We had to go to our big evaporation pan over a campfire to boil our sap and catch up on cooking it.  We had 6 cabin fridges full, and both of our outside storage pots full and the trees were still dripping.



Craig decided with the new snow it was the perfect day to head back to Arizona for a month.  Before he left he sort of got the old bowling game working.  With the help of our local expert and lots of electronic cleaning he has the machine working for one person at a time.  When he comes home in May he hopes to spend some rainy afternoons cleaning and figuring out the rest of the machine.  He is getting closer to having this old machine working.  It has been a part of the resort since 1953 when Maynard bought it new.  It spent most of its life in the old rec room in the basement of the main house.  The last 15 years it has not been used for much besides piling things on it.  Hopefully it is working again this summer



I have been busy working on infinity scarfs.  These 2 are ready to go.  Fun colors.



More and more fingerless gloves and of course socks.



Tory and Steve have their own project going on. They are working on repairing the pontoon furniture on the Bass Buggy.  Next week we have an upholsterer coming to stay at the resort and put new covers on the cushions



Cliff is hanging on.  Our side of the lake is slower to go out, but it is getting there





Ice is slowly retreating



In the meantime back to work.  Spring cleaning cabins and making socks

This weekend we have cabins open and a few things going on.  The Fools Run 5K is Saturday at midnight.  Truly something you need to do once to see all the goofy costumes.  The Minocqua Chamber has more info on it at and here is a fun video of it

The Phelps Maple Syrup Festival is also Saturday.  Rumor has it the sock machine and all the socks will be there as well.  Here is info about it as well