Troy and I had been watching Cliff all day.  I thought the ice would hold for another day or two, but at 4 pm we had to call it.  Cliff went down April 8th at 4pm


Cliff takes the plunge


Here he was at noon and we were not ready to call it yet.  So who are the winners you ask????  We have 2 of them



Nobody picked April 8th but Lindsey Scheid picked April 7th and Jimmy Cikowski picked April 9th so we are going to split the pot between them.  Jimmy is pictured above in the red coat with Fritz a past winner in yellow and Tommy his brother in green.  Congrats to Jimmy.  Lindsey I do not have a picture of but will get it when she stops at the resort.  Lindsey and her parents Linda and Dave where guests of ours for years until Dave passed away suddenly and Linda and the kids bought a cabin in the area to spend time together.  Many in Birchwood know Linda’s beach sand entry in the log book.  Congrats to both Lindsey and Jimmy

Now to drag Cliff back in and dry him out before Linda and Jimmy stop to pick up their winnings