It was time to head out of town for the weekend for a little R and R before the busy resort season starts.  Sir Charles looked ready to watch the place and keep an eye on things for us



His side kick Abby, is quite a party girl with the local boys but she looked ready to help out Charles with resort tasks.  We were not worried at all



Our first stop was in Saint Germain for some lunch.  We discovered a wonderful little cafe.  They are right on Hwy 70 in Saint Germain.  Known for their world famous cinnamon rolls, potato pancakes and pan fried walleye.  They also serve homemade apple sauce and jellies.  A must try if you are looking for a new place for breakfast or lunch



After that we were off to the maple syrup festival in Phelps.  Everything to do with maple syrup was going on in Phelps.  This was the syrup judging contest.  Three different categories based on color.  Light medium and dark amber.  The different ambers are achieved with the different sugar content of the flows during the season.



Then it was time to take a look at the fancy pans and machinery we do not use.  It makes our system on the woodstove look very rudimentary.



Ahhh a filter I would love to own!



More gizmos and gadgets than we could take in.  Someday if we ever get serious and do more than our 40 trees.

Words of the trade that people not in the syrup business might get confused on in case you ever go to a maple syrup festival

Sugar Bush:  Where your maple trees are.

Sugar Shack:  (this is not a term relating to a strip club)  A sugar shack is where you cook your syrup.  Usually a pole building of some kind with a chimney.  Usually does not have walls.  A cooker is usually in the middle of it that is vented out through the chimney.



Along with the festival was a craft fair and all the socks, gloves and socks I have been working on all winter headed to the fair along with the sock maker.  While Troy went on some Sugar Bush tours (see description above) I made and sold socks at the fair.  My favorite part was the accordion player who started up mid morning walking around and singing to his accordion.  It reminded me of Troy’s uncle Ralph who would bring his and play around the campfire.  Ralph had a few bawdy tunes for when the kids left the fire.  We miss Ralph and Lavonne.



That is a lot of socks!



What is a Maple Syrup Festival without a maple leaf.  We also got to meet Alice in Dairy Land (Wisconsin’s answer to Mrs. Wisconsin but she promotes dairy products through out the state).



After the festival it was time to do a little exploring in the area that we don’t get to do when the resort in busy



Time to get back to the resort and get things ready