Spring is springing around the resort.  I wish we had more time to enjoy it but work is calling.  Memorial Day Weekend is early this year and we have a resort to get ready



The Bass Buggy pontoon has been getting some attention.  We had Don and Laura Quackenbush come up to the resort to work on the furniture.  Don and Laura run Quackenbush Vinyl and Upholstery in Lake Geneva.  They are wonderful people and were thrilled to have them come up and work on the furniture.  If you need anything done in the Lake Geneva area I would highly recommend them



They did great work! and are coming back in the fall.  What project can we dream up by then?



Steve was taking off the carpet and working on the rest of the boat



Figuring out what wiring goes and what stays….



I think I know what I am doing



Painting was the main thing going on.  Birchwood was the first cabin on the list.  I took on the walls



Steve took on the up part that requires getting on the roof.  I do not do roofs



Meanwhile the syrup is still being boiled.  We almost have all the fridges empty of sap and are in the final few days of boiling sap to syrup



Pardon a small grumble here.  While sap was cooking time to get dog hair off of a bedspread.  Most of our dog owners are great.  Sometimes I run into other dog owners….. and the tape roller comes out on the kitchen table, they are rolled once, washed and rolled again.  Please keep this picture in mind if you are a dog owner and keep your dogs off the furniture or the bedding.  My kitchen table thanks you.  End of my grumbling



Back to spring working.  New railings to the beach were put up.  Steve got these cedar railings out of our woods



Much better!



Raking never ends.  Troy and the leaf blower are getting a work out



Troy took a break from leaf blowing.  I thought he was napping at Restawhile.



Nope scraping the porch floor for painting



Steve having fun power washing Muskie to get it ready for painting as well



This is fun!  Beats rewiring the pontoon boat



More painting on the roof going on at Bayview



I will stick to the walls of Birchwood while the guys rush around doing other things.  If you come to the resort and stand around too long looking bored you will find a paint brush in your hand this week or a rake.

resort 48143

In the famous words of my grandfather Maynard Black “Don’t just stand there do something”  These guys were having the time of their lives putting in docks

resort 48142


My grandfather even put his inlaws to work.  Maynard is pictured with Millie’s parents above along with Craig and Dave painting boats

resort 48115


Although he was known for taking some time off to go fishing here and there