Beautiful 70 degree afternoon and it was time to go to Cedar Falls 10 minutes from the resort to see the muskie’s spawning in the water fall.  We were not to be disappointed



Amazing to get so close to the big fish




There are 3 of them in the picture by the rock





I caught another one waving his tail at us



So neat to see



With the cooler temps on Sunday we finished off our batch of maple syrup.  All of the gallons of sap we collected were all boiled down into this one pot.  In this pot is an entire springs worth of work collecting and boiling down sap.  The thicker it gets with the sap added and boiled down the browner the sap gets.



Scooping it out and putting it in jars to be canned.  We ended up with about 3 1/2 gallons from our 40 trees this year.  Just enough for pancakes and use in cooking for our family



This morning the snow showers have returned and Mack is hiding under the dinningroom table til it stops snowing.  The good news is it will be melted by afternoon… the bad news is there is snow flurries in the forecast for the next 3 days.  After that we hope spring and the warm temps are here to stay.  Otherwise we may not get Mack out from under the table til July