It has been some busy days at the resort.  Paint has been flying



Fresh coat of paint here and there now that the temps have improved



Bass Buggy with new furniture and new carpet.  Looking good!



Looking good.  Only problem is in wiring, in the process of reducing the wires on the boat for things we are not using, the lights have somehow been disconnected.  Back to the drawing board on the wiring



The guys got to work on a new brick project on Bear Den.  We are trying to finish off the area under the deck.  We shall see how far they get.  Atleast getting the area coming right in the house will be finished this spring with more to come in the future



Lots of blocks and more to come



Shamrock had a cancelation June 13th to the 20th.  Give a call if interested.  It has one of the best porches on the resort



Sunset on Lower Kaubashine last night.  Looks like good weather for the fishing opener next weekend give a call if interested.  Back to painting