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If you ask Troy his least favorite job in the spring, hands down, he will tell you straightening the docks and wall.  The ice during the winter heaves up some of the pilings that keep the wall and docks in place.  In the spring it is time to straighten them



Troy is on day 3 of dock straightening with the water jet.  It is a cold miserable frustrating job.  It can go smoothly and all is well and then….. he runs into rocks….



The water jet goes next to the piling jetting water and loosening up the sand and rocks around the piling



Here he is puting it next to a leg of a dock trying to get the leg to go farther into the sand



Tools of the trade a ruler and level.



The goal is to get the top of the dock the same distance from the edge of the water all the way out.  There were a few choice words said, but the main dock area and Kaubashine’s dock are all straight.  Now to get the rest of them done.  One more day in the water



Meanwhile, lots of painting going on



Railings to the beach getting some TLC



Here is the rough life of being a resort dog.  No painting and no worries about getting docks in.  Ah the life of a resort dog