I took these pictures last night arriving back to the resort from picking Jake up at college in Appleton.  Spend a day driving through cities and cement jungles and you appreciate this view more



Jake being away from the resort for 2 months says he can feel the difference in the air quality between here and the fox valley by Green Bay where he goes to school.  I hear it all the time from guests getting out of the car and taking their first breath of fresh Northwoods air.  We take it for granted living here.  Jake shared with me a link to the American Lung Association study looking at air quality by county.  Our county did not report Oneida, but Vilas the county just to our North got an A in the study.

So when you get to the resort and step out and take that first breath of fresh air, know it is not your imagination it is grade A air you are breathing.  It is also credited by many of our guests sleeping with windows open or on a swinging bed to help them sleep better.  Not your imagination