Cliff has spent the last few weeks drying out after taking a plunge into Lower Kaubashine for the 2015 Ice Out Contest.  One of the winners showed up to collect their winnings


Lyndsey was happy to see Cliff had made it out of the water and not gotten sick after his long sit on the ice.  There were quite a few laughs as she was presented with her half of the ice out pot of 42 dollars.  Jimmy Cikowski has to stop by and see Cliff for his winnings as well when he comes at the end of the month

Lyndsey stopped out at the Looney Bin gift shop to get some gloves and socks with her winnings before taking her big trip out to the Cascade Mountains.  We will miss you in this part of the country and I know your mom will too.  Good luck and safe travels.  Watch out for guys who look like Cliff


Small advertisement for the Looney Bin.  Scarves have been flying off the sock maker


The new infinity scarves all cranked out by the Gibson boys and Troy.  They love nothing more than cranking out a scarf for mom.  Stop and see the latest colors.  There is something for everyone


Quite a few dish clothes are done at the moment.  Some with designs in them  Lady Bug, dragon fly and humming bird.  The dragon fly is surrounded by dots which are mosquitos.


Cabin, sunflower and frog   The cabin is already sold and I will be making another soon.  Ask to see the designs and make an order when at the resort.  These are all 5 dollars.  My regular square clothes are all 3 dollars without a design



You never know what designs and colors will show up at the Looney Bin.  It has been a long winter stop in and see.  Things are always changing