I am in the swimming area and there is something missing….. docks, slide,raft,  boats……


Did I pick the right waders?  Is that a leak by my right foot…..  Dang Steve got the leaky waders this year.  Troy is happy and smiling in the new waders he smartly claimed before Steve made it to the beach



Meeting of the minds on what to put in next.  Notice Craig is the only one not in waders



Putting everything back together like tinker toys



Craig commenting on how warm he is out of the water in the sun.  Steve just smiles as he drops a bolt in the lake and reaches in the cold water to get it.  Troy remembers too late that the lake magnet for dropped bolts is at the top of the steps.



More jobs being done.  Muskie Inn has turned into screened door repair station.  Both Birchwood and Muskie’s doors getting some new screen and a coat of paint



Meanwhile Craig goes shopping with the truck and has to make 2 trips to town with the truck.  Thankfully a semi is not needed to drop off his purchases.  A new dock for his house is on the truck.  Great deal he says.



Two new paddle boats still wrapped in plastic were in the 2nd load.  These are destined for the resort beach.  The paddle boats that were at the beach are headed to Bear Den and Red Pine and their paddle boats are headed to retirement at Steve’s garage sale later this month.  Yeah to new paddle boats!  Let summer begin