Leaves are still popping out.  They are only about 1/2 out.  It is nice to see the woods greening up again as Memorial Day Weekend approaches



It is time to get the big white dock in.  Craig has put this dock in and out for 57 years.  Some of the stringers date back to his father Maynard back in 1957 when he built the dock.  Lots of things have been replaced on this dock over the years probably several times, but other than replacing things it has not changed much

resort 48121-1


The only pic I could find of Maynard on the dock with his pet deer Susie

resort 48148


My grandma Millie, showing off her legs with the dock in the background.  Not much changes

IMG_1333  click here and see if a video loads.  Not sure if it works or not



Slowly working out from shore making sure to get things in order



One of the secrets, number the boards when you take them out.  Also never, never use straight nails



Which section goes next?



Don’t ask us you were supposed to know



Out goes the dock and nothing changes.  All the waders have a leak at the moment

resort 48135


But in the end everyone is happy it is in from 1957 to



The dock has held lots of memories and good times.  Always precious time shared with friends and family.  As the commerical says “priceless”