After a long few weeks of getting the resort ready we were tired on Friday and Katie stopped by catching us relaxing.  She made some comment about when she was a kid there was no standing around……



It was time to go down the road to Hilltop for the first Kaubashine Cooler of the summer with Mary Ellen.  Love Kaubashine Coolers!  Perfect end of the week



Lots of folks at the resort this weekend hanging out with family and playing more soccer  with their grandson than knee says he should.  Fun times bad knee and all



Lots of fishing in kayaks



Some sock making on the deck



Back to work tightening up a clamp on the dock at 6pm.  Just what the boys wanted to do Saturday night.  Lots of complaints of the water temp and the need to do homework instead of being in the lake



Pontoon boat got cleaned and almost ready to get in the lake.  Early Memorial and late snow caused them to not making it in, in time for the weekend



Had to finish up the weekend with a trip to the Black Bear Bar on Hwy 70 for one of their famous pizzas



I did not know it but they have fish fry every day not just Fridays.



Famous pizza menu



The pizza did not disappoint and was a nice end of the weekend.  Back to work Monday cleaning cabins and getting those darn pontoon boats in the water finally.