Cliff had to come out of the basement once again to present the winnings of our ice out contest to one more winner.  Cliff was sporting some nice reading glasses today.  Everytime he comes out of the basement I never know what the latest fashion will be



Jimmy Cikowski getting his half of the winnings from Ice Out 2015.  Congrats Jimmy.

Jimmy had a good fishing report for this week.  He said at first he was catching a lot of small crappies but now the big crappies are hitting on the spawning beds.  Should be a good week ahead for crappies.  Oh, and we have a bunch of cabins open this weekend if you hear the call of fishing and want to come up.  All at early summer rates.  I also had Birchwood open up June 8th to the 13th that I will break up nightly at 140/night

Jimmy’s cohort Fritz was around somewhere too….. not sure where he was but rumor had it he caught a few nice walleye and northern as well this week.



Time to get a pontoon boat in the water finally.  Missing pic is Troy and I gripping the rails as Steve and Craig made corners in the truck



Making the big turn at Hilltop.  Anyone with a smaller boat that thinks this is a challenge just try it in a pontoon boat.  Steve and Craig had it down to a science



They dropped us in and after a couple of tries the motor fired up and off we went



Greeted by the loon



The Robinson family having fun fishing at Red Pine



More fishing



Happily at the dock and starting to look more and more like summer with the pontoons in dock.  Now to get the big one in.  Bass Buggy back from getting rewired and the Titanic is getting and overhaul before it might make it on the lake as well