I found kids swimming in the lake!  They were shivering a bit but their smiles say everything



No dad my teeth are not chattering I can swim all day, I am part fish



Meanwhile on the other docks there was a blog entry waiting to happen.  What are they up to?  Steve in one boat and Troy on the pontoon.  Both are dry….



I saw 2 great captions for this picture

Kevin Kane said “Hey Troy where is Paul and the raft”

Another said “Try again those are not muskies”



Steve jumping on



Off they go with Steve doing a solo impersonation of Titanic



Meanwhile I run up to hill to get the 2nd half of this endeavor



Down to Hilltop we go.  2 boats out for cleaning and the remaining beach chairs loaded up for delivery.  Bill Scully I ment to take a picture of your favorite chair on the pontoon boat.  It is there Bill and headed to your spot on the beach for another summer of book reading and bouncing in the lake breeze



Meanwhile Maynard and Squash made it back to the resort for some TLC.  Getting a good power wash and getting their names painted back on.  Big Bertha, Bismark and Marge are headed for the same treatment in the next week.  It is so much easier for everyone to find a boat when they have their names on.