Once in awhile we get to play tourist and have some fun in downtown Minocqua.  We stopped in at Minocqua Popcorn Company as someone in our family knows someone working at Minocqua Popcorn


And here is our favorite Popcorn lady Michele on the right who is responsible for making our family addicted to cheese and carmel popcorn combo.  There are always friendly folks working at the store and the best popcorn around


They have also added a Jelly Belly line.  We had to sample and try out a few varieties.  There is now a beer flavored bean and Troy can attest to the fact that it does taste like beer



They just added a new jelly bean game.  You spin the dial to see what flavor you get to eat



I am afraid to play……. but it would be entertaining


Back at the resort Steve is hard at work at some Fish House improvements.  It is slowly looking better


It just takes some good whacks with the wrench

1960 Platform for fishhouse


Lets look back to yesteryear 1960 when the fish house was built

1960 Fish house-2


Gasp, are those straight and new boards that Maynard used to built it?  It must be, and the reason the fish house has lasted this long and is celebrating 55 years this summer.  I think that calls for a party…. just not at the fish house please



Back to fish house repair.  See Steve for any changes you might want out there

1958 pushing raft out


While looking for the fish house pics I ran into this fun one from 1958 launching the raft.  Launching the raft has been an event every spring and little has changed.  It still gathers the family together to see what could possibly go wrong



Only change is now it just takes one person to do it and the rest on shore shouting out directions.

1958 Group watching


Maynard  Black in the red chair enjoying seeing the resort open and everyone having a good time



Here are Craig and his brother Dave Black doing the same thing as Maynard 50 years later.  They were in the first picture of the raft pushing it out into the water.  Times change but they stay the same


Want to join in on summer at the resort we have had a few cancellations the last couple of days for July.  Give a call for details

June 22 – 26th

Red Pine 4 bdr, this house is still open and we want it booked for groups up to 5 for 175/night,

up to 7 people 235/night and up to 9 people 265/night

July 10- 17 and July 17 – 24th

We just had a cancellation on Blackwood 2br. It runs Friday to Friday at 1400/week includes tax. Perfect for group that does not want to be in the middle of the resort, it is 1/2 mile from the resort on the lake with its own dock with row boat, canoe and paddle boat

July 17 – 24th

Red Pine 4bdr 2420/week up to 10 people 


July 18 – 25

Eagles Nest 2bdr just opened up 1180/week