It has been a busy few days at the beach.  You would not know it looking at this heron on the raft.



Summer fun has gotten going.  Lots of laughs and screams from the beach

1958 Raft floating


Not much different than summers gone by

1958 Guests on dock


The bathing suits have changed a little and the dock is an L now and not a T.  The caption on this picture said, “Mrs Taylor, Rocky and Mr Meyer”  I know who Mrs Taylor is not sure who Rocky and Mr Meyer are.



Little Ferdinand enjoying his first summer at the beach.  His Grandma, Linda did the same thing when she was young



Kayak fun for all ages!  Everyone in the kayak

1958 Seaplane Mrs Taylor, Rocky and Mr Myer


Here was the favorite beach activity in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s getting a seaplane ride.  If I remember right it was 5 dollars a person and up you went.  These were the days before insurance companies having issues with sea planes and  propellers next to a swimming dock.  Get in a line and he would take everyone up til the line went down



Oh those were the days at the beach….. now there are no more seaplanes…. except the ones that fly over head.  Once in awhile one lands on the lake and freaks everyone out as it comes in for a landing and takes off again.  Nothing like ski boats and sea planes dodging each other



More fun this week has been the bass fishing.  I believe they told me this was a 3 lb bass



Lots and lots of bass



You know everyone is having fun when the drinks spill out to the porch



And the days end with a quiet kayak across the lake.