4th of July means one thing at Black’s Cliff, time for the annual Roy Tungett horseshoe tournament.  Mr Tungett could not join us this year and it put a bit of a damper on the tournament without his family there as well, but the show went on.  We all wish Mr Tungett a speedy recovery



The partners and brackets were set for one of the biggest tournaments we have had.  Time to do the “Pole Dance”



We hold the tournament at Hilltop the other resort down the road.  They have awesome pits and even better beverages and ice cream



Let the fun begin!



Of course there is no true tournament without a coveted prize.  This is what we play for the lamp and bragging rights



Excitement started the tournament as Sarah got a ringer!




Others like Kelsey come for the Ting soda and fries as they watch the festivities



Graham and his sister Amelia are fans of the ice cream.  Mary Ellen makes great oreo blizzards



I got Rich for a partner.  One of the best Pole Dancer’s we have in the tournament



The grounds keepers and officials Chris and Trevor kept it all neat and official.  No arguments about points or ringers.



Our first game against Kim she pulled off this leaning pair



Rich informed me we could win with a ringer and guess what happened…  Sorry Kim, no lamp for you this year…



Back to having fun.  Many will remember Dawn who stayed at the resort for many summers in the late 70’s and early 80’s keeping an eye on Katie, Steve and me.  Dawn always shows up for the tournament with her husband Buck.  Dawn has a record at the resort.  She is the high score winner on the pinball game.  She flipped the game over twice one year scoring over 200,000 points on the machine.  A feat that has never been topped.



The tournament wears on



Some take a cat nap waiting for the semi finals to start



Faithful grounds keepers and grounds keeper and scorer in training Trevor in the background.  Trevor is taking notes on all the rules of horse shoes



We had husbands going against wives.  Alaina vs. Eric.  Just as this picture was taken Eric had to move quickly as Alaina threw her first shoe which almost rang Eric’s foot



Eric throwing back



Much discussion and a ruling by Chris, Alaina comes out winning and moving on



All is fair in love and war.



The final came down to Rich



and I against…



Sarah and…



Will.  Will was excited to be in the final game.  He had played in the tournament for 21 years and never made it to the finals.  His name along with a few other long running non winners had made it on the infamous pony plaque.  Will knew that just making it to the final he had won and would be taking his name off the pony plaque this year



And who went away with the winning lamp…… yep Rich and I



Rich was thrilled to bring it to his cabin and leave it for the year in Muskie Inn.  Gloria his wife was not so sure about it and it looked great on the stump



Now time to get ready for the rest of the festivities.  The resort wide cook out.  Everyone on the playground with a dish to pass and meat cooked at 5:30 sharp!  Bob and Kyle getting the grill going and relaxing after the tournament with Mack



Mack was in 7th heaven when Bob discovered the right spot to itch



The food bar was set up…



The corn bar was open along with the magical pitcher of melted butter floating on top of hot water to dip the corn in



Time to eat!.



There was one thing that did need to be done during the festivities.  A toast to Mr Tungett and the rest of the family with some Sambvca and orange slices.  Linda is smiling somewhere as everyone made a face and downed the concoction



Here is to many more years of the Roy Tungett Horseshoe Tournament and friends and family gathering together



After the toast there was a ceremony to remove Will’s name from the pony plaque.  Congrats Will!



Now that everyone has left and last weeks festivities have come to an end and a new group is in the resort for their own traditions and time together, Char and Karey are trying to figure out how Muskie Inn came into possession of such a unique table lamp….. To be continued in 2016