Summer is warming up more and more and the beach has been the place to be.  I caught this pick before anyone had woken up yet this morning.  These chairs will be full by noon



The lake is beautiful this time of year.  The pollen has washed out of the lake and the shallows are clear as a bell.  I looked for some fish to take pics of this morning but none cooperated





Ready to go fishing



Flowers are in bloom at the lake



Hillside has a ton of what I call camper’s leaves.  I will let you figure out why I call them camper’s leaves..



Look at the smile of our high scoring pinball king last week!  Yeah!  8 balls for a dime is the best way to learn how to be a pinball champ.  His family will be chasing his record again next year



Quick reminder the Chu girls will be here in 2 weeks and collecting all the pop tops for Ronald McDonald House.  I will be giving them the pile people have been bringing me year round.  You never know how great an orgainization like Ronald McDonald is until you need it.  We will be collecting tabs for the girls year round again.  You are welcome to being them up with you  anytime you come or send them in the mail.

Troy and I spent a week at Ronald McDonald House in Marshfield with one of our boys and will be always in their debt for the help we got from them when we needed it.  Besides who can not collect tabs with such great girls collecting them



If you see a box like this in your cabin during the year it is from the girls, feel free to put your tabs in or bring to me



Back to enjoying the lake…