Well the old red ski boat worked for a day… John Thompson got to take a spin around the lake.  One minor problem….. it only would go in forward….



That allows for some fun in forward but not much else.  We think it is a minor glitch but it was back to….



Taking the boat back out of the water.  You can not start a boat in forward.  Back for a quick trip to see the mechanic for some adjustments on the shifting.  Hopefully minor and we will be tubing and skiing later in the week finally!



Craig caught in the grass volunteering to get in the water to get the boat because we all know…

1958 Craig in boat


This is what he wants to do again.  Yep that is Craig at 15 peering over the side of the boat making a corner

1958 Craig, Nancy Blum, Karen Meyer


The real reason he liked driving the boat….



Back to the drawing board



Temporarily , be back in the lake hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday



Back to the beach, Troy has had a bit of a problem lately….. being stalked by hungry ducks while trying to clean the beach



Lets surround the big guy and demand food..



I heard we are safe here, the dog is afraid to swim.



Attack his ankles!





Maybe Tom at HIlltop has something for us.  This guy only has a broom and knows how to use it