Anyone remember these 3 guys.  All of them worked for atleast a summer at the resort.  John Thompson on the left was 1965, Kevin Kane in the middle was early or mid 70’s and Paul Zaremba was mid to late 70’s.  They had a lot of fun and dug a lot of fish holes and greece traps, took a lot of skiers behind the red boat and had their best summers at the Cliff.  Missing from the picture was Bungar who would have made it a complete picture



Paul having fun reliving his boat babe days with the red boat



Had to take it out for a spin and take a skier just for old times sake



We also had another big event, Howard Berchtold’s 84th birthday.  He is pictured with his wife Jean and all their kids, grandkids and great grand kids.  Missing from the pic was daughter Karen and grandson’s Jeremy and Vince who will be here tomorrow when we retake the pic.  Happy birthday Howard!

A little birdie also told me Jean and Howard are about to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.  Congrats a few days early



Out in the office there has been a marathon Risk game with the Gibson and Berchtold boys.  Mack has taken up the spot under the table.  Such a rough life being a resort dog



Intense taking over the world



Meanwhile we have had our first cloudy day in awhile which gave everyone a reason to stay out of the water for the day and catch a snooze in a beach chair



This is about as relaxed as a vacation can get



Little Bella had her teeth chattering but she was going to swim no matter what



Then there is the dog again with his rough life!  Getting a scratch in the cool sand of the beach