The Wisconsin Department of Tourism contacted me in June looking to do a story on a family who had been coming to the resort for several generations.  We have several families like this one even dating back to the 40’s and another to the 50’s.  I put them in contact with several of our families and they picked the Thompson Family.  The department contacted John and organized coming out to the resort.  It was a lot of fun having the film crew out filming the fun the Thompson family has each year with all the other families they have met over the years.  Pictures from the Friday night food and campfire fest at Muskie Inn were crazy and fun.  During day 2 it was beach fun starting with John driving the old ski boat to take a few tubers.  John drove the boat for a couple of summers working for Maynard back in the late 60’s

Resort 1968 White Whale family

The Thompson Family taken in the early 70’s or late 60’s.  John is missing as he was off doing college things.  Terry, Dennis, Jackie, a friend, Jack and Noreen

Resort  33


Craig giving Noreen a hug.  I have no idea who the scraggly blonde girl is who needs her hair washed and combed.  Maybe Linda Hoadley Tungett would know?

Resort 1975 Bunger taking skiiers


I could not find a picture of John driving the boat taking skiers but I did find this one of Bungar from the 70’s gassing up the boat.



John hoping it starts and idles well



Off they go to give the camera man a ride on the front of the boat



Later it was time to interview the rest of the family.  Jackie talking about all her swims across the lake



Highlight of the morning was diving off the dock with a drone following behind.  You can see it hovering above Steven’s head and following him down the dock as he runs



Off goes Steven and off goes the drone




The Drone caught it all



Peanut gallery watching from the shore



Now getting the sinking of the raft pick.  They attached a go pro on the edge of the raft and the drone you can see is heading out to the raft



Drone watching the raft and everyone on the raft watching the drone.  Everyone had to be told to ignore the drone which was not the easiest thing to do



Time to sink the raft and the gopro







I think at this point there were a few members of the camera crew who were ready to jump in and join in the fun

Resort 1973160


Where ever Jack and Noreen Thompson are I think they are smiling at their family followed around by a drone at the beach and still having fun on Lower Kaubashine

This story will be featured on Travel Wisconsin in the next year and I will share the video when it is published and up for the public to see