Just another day at the office for Troy.  Headed out to do some work



Locking down the anchor to the raft after negotiating the traffic to get to work



Almost got it!



Meanwhile back at the beach it is a dog’s life.  Mack surveying the work



He realizes I am making fun of him

Resort 1970 Dock Bill Rindell


Old beach picture of then day.  Bill Rindell is out at the end of the dock.  Ard Price who was the original owner of Red Pine I think is sitting in the chair.



Back to the beach today.  Leah and Eliza enjoying a paddle boat ride



The Chu girls seeing who’s feet hit the peddles



Howard and Jenz not far away if the girls needed help.  They were diving searching the depths for treasures.  Out by the raft if you look enough you will find an old model T engine.  Not sure how ti got there but I get reports from divers every year that it is still out there



Meanwhile back to fishing.  I think this is one of the latest generations of Thompson family catching a big fish



Cheryl Thompson teaching how to put a worm on a hook and take a fish off



Things much calmer by the end of the day.  Kathy in the green shirt along with her friends Becky and Dana wanted to give a shout out to Sara and Jordan who are at home working.  Next year girls or Becky and Dana will happily join Kathy again in Birchwood



And another day ends at Black’s Cliff with a campfire with the Eberle and Rynearson families.  Perfect ending!