Some of my favorite girls of summer were at the resort this week.  Norah and Marin Chu for the last 4 years have collected pop tops for Ronald McDonald House while at the resort on vacation.  They remind everyone at the beginning of the week to put their pop tops out on their steps on Friday and they will collect them and the group with the most gets a bag of taffy.  Many of the folks this week have started collecting all year.  The girls get more and more of them each year and take them home to their Ronald McDonald House



John Thompson used a wheel barrow to bring his to the girls.  Some of these tops were collected by Leo Hodes who trades extra credit on math assignments for his students to bring in pop tops.  John really collected a haul this year



We added in the bag of tops that guests other weeks brought for the girls.  Several ladies dropped them this year, Murry Hixson, Barb Moore and Ruth Grady are the ones I remember.  There were others.  If you are headed to the resort and have some tops to add for next year for the girls please bring them along and I will be collecting them again

John and I headed down the driveway with the loot for the girls



We got down to the girls who were all smiles along with their other sisters, cousin and friends.  It has become quite the resort event every year and thanks to all who contributed



Heading off to Eagles Nest to figure out how to fit all the tops in the van



Cause they are not a family of 2 girls but 4.  Hillary and Lydia joined in, in the wheel barrow.  There was talk of what they might have to leave behind to find room in the van with this wonderful family of six and one golden lab.  Their smiles are great and we will all start collecting again.  See you next year girls!

Ronald McDonald Houses are wonderful charities.  Troy and I spent a week at one of their houses and will always appreciate the help we received from them at a difficult time.