FIrst of all the really good news for most people.  Most people being anyone who does not have to truthfully tell their boss that we do not have internet in the cabins and they can’t do any work on vacation.  Now you can!  From Eagles Nest to Norway Pines we have high speed internet.  Never thought I would be able to type those words.  This week we went through a major internet upgrade.  We had the guys from Northwoods Connect a local internet company with a tower in the area they just put up.  Thankfully that tower is with in range of the resort.  We now have a couple of internet receivers on Muskie, Wildflower and our house that are broadcasting to all the cabins.  There is no going from one router to the other they are all the same.  Everyone has 5 bars of internet inside their cabins and Eagles Nest has 4 bars.  I have a lady in Eagles Nest streaming a soccer game this week at the cabin and she is doing it with no problem.  If everyone in the resort decides to stream at one time, there might be an issue on speed, but so far so good.  I have yet to hear how far out on the lake we are broadcasting.  Kim Flower may get it at her house on the other side of the lake.

If you still want to hide from the boss on vacation I will back you up with the boss and tell him there is not internet or phone if you need it



The Eastern Black Family was here this week and one of our family traditions is boat wars.  The younger 2nd cousins were clamoring for it

The boats were lined up, buckets were found and everyone grabbed a boat



Grant, Jake and Sam circling for the best spot



Warming up the bucket and testing the aim.

One rule is no bailing your boat.  If you have water in your boat you are stuck with it



And the war starts!  There is no mercy



In the end all the boats were sunk and there was a bit of cheating going on, but everyone had fun