We have had a couple of days of big wind coming through.  The wind was so intense it blew the raft away from the swimming area.  The seagulls on the raft don’t seem to mind.  This group of them has been on the raft lately more than people.  We were just lucky to keep most of the chairs on the dock in the wind



Lined up on the raft



Taking off as we approach in a boat to move the raft back



One of the other interesting jobs of the summer is going on missing boat detail.  With all the big ski boats on the lake kicking up big waves, our boat hooks keep being broken and the boats go and visit the neighbors.  Everyone on the lake knows if a green boat or one with a name on it comes drifting  by their dock that it belongs to the resort



Troy contemplating a dry way of getting in the boat



In the end he ended up taking off his shoes and going in after the boat who’s motor was hung up on the shallow sand.  Just another day at the office