With temps in the mid 50’s and rain for the last 3 days it was so nice to see the sun today.  Everyone in the resort is putting away their sweat shirts, hats and coats and taking out their swim suits and headed to the beach today.  Coming out of hibernation.  There was lots of fires, and games played inside the last few days.  Time to get out of hibernation mode and enjoy the outside



My buddies the seagulls were the first to the raft today



The yellow ball in the sky came out and the views were amazing



Seagulls knew everyone was headed to the raft and took off to the other side of the lake



I did not notice the cloud reflection in this pic til I downloaded it.  Taking good pictures has nothing to do with skill sometimes it is just random chance that when you take lots of them a good one jumps out at you once in awhile.  The lake water is not quite as clear as it was a couple of weeks ago.  The colder temps have made it a little murky but still pretty clear

Off to enjoy the day