End of summer and 4th trip to the mechanic with the boat and FINALLY we have it!  Took til the end of summer but the old boat is finally working the way it should.  Took all summer and 4 trips in out of the lake to get it but I can now say it is working as well as it every did.  With one improvement an electric start vs. hand pulling the 40 horse.  The boat shifts right and has enough power to get everyone up on skis.  We had our doubts this summer.  Especially when I was stuck in reverse out from shore and could not get it in forward



A paddle will be staying in the boat for awhile, just in case



Everyone who had been waiting to get up on skis was up without any problem.  Ben testing out his rusty skiing skills.



Not much different from my Uncle Dave skiing back in the day in the early 60’s

1960 Pat on Daves shoulders


Uncle Dave took skiing to another level.  The girls were happy to take a loop around the lake with him.  This was before the ski show was the ski show.  We had our own show with Uncle Dave at the lake each day.  My boys have something to work towards

1960 Pat and Dave


Uncle Dave trying out Minocqua Bat moves before the Bats did



Having fun on Lower Kaubashine.  “Don’t worry mom we will take good care of the boat….. just going out to jump waves”



We had a visitor by Birchwood who seemed a little lost



I can’t check in and try out a swinging bed?



No back to the lake with you where you belong before the dog decides to have duck soup for dinner