We headed out on a family day before school starts adventure.  Jake had been to Cathedral Point in Boulder Junction before and told us about this great rope swing we could go to.  We waited for the right weather and everyone off of work and it worked out to be the day before school started.  Perfect.  Catherdral Point is by the ranger station on County M on the way to Boulder on Trout Lake


We walked through beautiful pines and had lunch looking out at the lake.  Now to get to the rope swing….  It was across the channel.  We had to swim to it.  Jake left out that part of the description when he talked about going.  I later learned that the channel in front of us was 90 feet deep and had a bit of a current and wind.  I would recommend others that you bring along floatation devices or a small boat to go along with on the swim.  We swam across and were fine but it was more of a swim than we were prepared for.  It was nice to have Ben the lifeguard along just in case



We made it across to the rope swing and let the fun begin



Yaaaaa Hoooooooo.  The water below the swing is very deep.  Just hold on and let go



Jake going up the steps a bit higher



Here was my face plant in the lake.  I did the swing and thankfully this is the only picture Troy took and I am happy with that



THe boys got more and more daring



Going for twists and turns



It was the perfect end of summer thing to do



On the way back we played it a bit safe and took a log along for the ride.  Ben and Grants propeller legs got us all across.  Years of  swim club, high school swim team and life guard training are all in this picture



I forgot to post this picture a couple of weeks ago of the first pop tops being dropped off for next summers pop top collection for Ronald McDonald.  Thanks for Barb and John Ellis for collecting and bringing tops for next July’s pop top collection for the Chu girls.  All will be delivered to the Ronald McDonald House by the girls next summer.  So bring your pop tops when you come to the resort



You will make 4 girls very happy



and help to fill the  wheel barrow